What is Fox Sports Channel on DirecTV - 2023 Channel Guide (2023)

Each character has unique experiences of fun for some it's endless comedy while for others it's an interesting football game. And if you're one of the latter, you're well aware of the problem of choosing the right TV package to suit your virtual and entertainment needs.

Finding a suitable cable TV company is quite difficult, however, finding one that entertains you and has the channels you need is much more difficult.

Plus, all your troubles can be put to rest because DirecTV, America's #1 Satellite TV Station, offers a great choice of channels for all sports enthusiasts! The more extra channels there are for sports activities, the better. DirecTV's channel portfolio, as a broad entertainment platform, offers a wide range of programming alternatives.

DirecTV's selection of high-quality channels includes the best local and global sports networks, plus live TV. The FOX network might be one of the most popular networks on this list.

While the FOX community is a concept for delivering well-known TV shows and blockbusters to your traffic, laughter doesn't stop you. In addition to shows and movies, FOX's corporate and sports networks offer endless entertainment.

As customer happiness is DirecTV's number one situation, the most fantastic satellite TV provider company has made sure that every single channel listed on this well-known network is covered in DirecTV plans.

Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2 are two of the most popular sports channels on the Fox network. Both stations offer sports coverage, including news, events, and watching. The most useful distinction within the seasons is that FOX Sports 2 serves as the overflow hub for FOX Sports 1.

Let's start with which channel is Fox Sports on DirecTV and then dive into the differences between Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2.


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  2. What channel is FOX on DirecTV – Channel Guide
  3. What is Fox Sports Channel 1 on DirecTV – Channel Guide
  4. What is Fox Sports Channel Number 2 on DirecTV – Channel Guide?
  5. What are the differences between Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 1
  6. Fox Sports in DirecTV packages
  7. How much is Fox Sports 2 on DirecTV?
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About the FOX network

FOX Network is one of the most popular television networks in the United States and has been providing the state with all the entertainment and iconic programming it could want for nearly three years. Thus, FOX and its companion stations became the most valuable asset on any channel lineup.

FOX was created in 1986 and has become one of the best-known open commercial television networks in the United States. Over the years, FOX has produced incredible programming that appeals to humans of all ages.

What channel is FOX on DirecTV – Channel Guide

The FOX network is part of DirecTV programming and can be found on channels 360, 219, 359 or 618. The channel is available in both standard definition and high definition.

Watching any boring TV service that doesn't seem to meet your entertainment needs can be discouraging. With over 400 cable TV companies to choose from, it seems like it can be hard to find a cable TV package that meets your digital needs. Fortunately, the United States supplies DirecTV, America's most popular satellite television provider.

The search for a perfect fun partner who would never help you has come to its logical end. Local and popular networks like ABC, MNTV, NBC, PBS, Nickelodeon and others have been incorporated into the mainstream DirecTV channel. As a result, you can get access to a mix of top-notch content in all genres: sports activities, lifestyle, music. , circle of relatives programming, news and information.

Basically everything you could need. And, of course, we can't neglect the Fox Network, which is also in the spotlight! Let's learn everything there is to know about the Fox channel on DirecTV.

What is Fox Sports Channel 1 on DirecTV – Channel Guide

Fox Sports 1 is on DirecTV channel 219.

The most highly profiled local and local sports networks, plus broadcast sports events, are available on America's leading satellite television for PC TV, making DirecTV a sports lover's paradise.

For sports fans, DirecTV offers the most complete package:

  • More than forty local and specialized sports networks are available.
  • More than 35 top-tier and local sports networks are covered with DirecTV's sports package.
  • Sports interest happens 24/7 with exciting rankings.
  • Genie HD DVR dramatically transforms your sports viewing experience.

Fox Sports 1 tops it all off with its exquisite coverage of all things sports if you want to stay on top of every game on TV. It especially has a broadcast department that rivals Fox Sports.

Major League Baseball (MLB), UFC mixed martial arts, college sports activities, soccer games from around the world, and a variety of racing events along with NASCAR, Formula E, ARCA, and IMSA are many of the most famous events. dressing events on the channel.

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There is also a daily dose of facts, analysis, information and documentary applications associated with sports activity. Whether it's your favorite team or infamous hidden feuds, you'll hear it first on Fox Sports 1.

So if you're trying to find Fox Sports 1 and thinking about signing up for a DirecTV plan, you'll be happy to know that Fox Sports 1 is included with every DirecTV tier. Look at this:

  1. LAZER:
    • Other main features:Fox Sports 1, AMC, Comedy Central, BBC America, ESPN y más
    • Precio:$64.99/month + tax
  2. CHOICE:
    • Other main features:Fox Sports 1, Comedy TV, CNBC World, Justice Central, BTN, NBCSN y extras.
    • Precio:$69.99/month + taxes and regional sports fee.
    • Other main features:Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBCSN, Fox College Sports, BBC World News, MLB, Destination America, Strike Zone y mucho más.
    • Precio:$134.99/month + taxes and regional sports fee.

What is Fox Sports Channel Number 2 on DirecTV – Channel Guide?

Fox Sports 2 is on DirecTV channel 618.

We won't keep you waiting because we know you're looking for the channel number for FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV. If you're on DirecTV's ULTIMATE or PREMIER plan, we understand how difficult it can be to switch between channels, so we've made it easy for you!

FOX Sports 2 on DirecTV now lets you catch up on all the sporting events and stay on top of the latest sports news. Just change the channel number to 618 on your TV to watch FOX Sports 2 on your home screen and catch up on all the events, news and shows you missed due to your busy schedule! With FOX Sports 2, you'll never miss a show again.

What are the differences between Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 1

FOX Sports 2 was formerly known as Fuel TV and has always been focused on sports. Although Fox Sports 2 is part of the same FOX Sports Media Group as FOX Sports 1, it has evolved into the ultimate all-in-one solution for all your sports-related desires! The FOX Sports 2 TV lineup is made up of reruns of shows, sporting events, news and commentary that aired on FOX Sports 1. A true sports fan understands the pain of losing a game on the field! You won't have to worry about Fox Sports 2.

Fox Sports in DirecTV packages

DirecTV, the popular satellite television channel in the United States, offers a wide variety of exciting programming. DirecTV shows provide the best picture-satisfying TV programming in the US, the industry's premier picture format. Many humans in the region enjoy a perfect view of the southern sky, with a signal reliability of ninety-nine percent.

Your relaxation plans are taken into account through DirecTV packages. DirecTV packages are packed with fun, with up to 330 channels. You may be directed to the DirecTV web app where you'll get GENIE HD DVR for 200 hours of HD recordings to preserve your channel of choice on TV shows at no additional charge. Watch live TV and 4K TV on demand from tens of thousands of titles.

Choose from DirecTV's half dozen apps to satisfy your virtual cravings and enjoy great home entertainment for your entire circle of family without breaking the budget.

How much is Fox Sports 2 on DirecTV?

By becoming a DirecTV member, you can now watch all your favorite events, shows, news and sports shows on FOX Sports 2! Get the NFL Sunday Ticket 2021, NBA LEAGUE PASS 2021, 330 channels, Live TV with 4K programming, and access to over 40,000 on-call titles with the DirecTV Ultimate or Premier plan!

The whole package:

  • $80 4.99/mes.
  • There are 250 channels available.
  • HBO Max is available without spending a penny for one year.
  • NFL SUNDAY TICKET temporada 2021.

Premium Package:

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  • $134.99/mes.
  • There are 330 channels available.
  • HBO Max was protected in the package.
  • NFL SUNDAY TICKET temporada 2021


In this post, we define in detail about what channel is fox sports on DirecTV. This awareness about the availability of Fox 2 sports on DirecTV. It also explains how to have the member deliver to DirecTV. Provides information on the main DirecTV programs. This explains how you can submit a channel of your choice on DirecTV. I want this presentation to provide high quality statistics on fox sports on DirecTV.

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frequent questions

Is Fox Sports available on DirecTV?

With all of its shows, DirecTV offers a wide variety of channels. The Fox Sport 1 channel is available at all levels.

How much is Fox Sports on DirecTV?

If you have DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, ULTIMATE or PREMIER, Fox Sports 1 is covered on the channel of your choice at no additional charge.

What is the best way to watch Fox Sports Channel?

Fox Sports 1 is provided by major cable and satellite TV operators. The network can be obtained from DIRECTV and AT&T TV.

How long will Fox Sports 2 be available for free on DirecTV?

Get FOX Sports 2 on your TV, as well as live TV with 4K programming, 330 channels, and access to international and local sports networks for just $84.99 a month!

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How do you load a channel on DirecTV?

You can add a channel to your DIRECTV to speed up the use of your network-enabled device. To change your TV provider, follow the steps below:
1. Go to Change your TV service.
2. From the Change Plan menu, select Channel Add-ons.
3. Browse the Sports, Movies, Premium, and International options.
4. Then click Continue after clicking Add next to the package or channel you want to add.
5. Review your options before making your purchase.

Is Fox Sports available for free on DirecTV?

Fox Sports 1 is included for your primary channel selection while you subscribe to the DirecTV Entertainment, Ultimate or Premier plan.

Is Fox Sports 2 available on DirecTV?

Yes. FOX Sports 2 is now available on DirecTV's ULTIMATE and PREMIER plans.

Is Fox Sports 2 available for free on DirecTV?

No, Fox Sports 2 is only available on DirecTV's ULTIMATE and PREMIER programs starting at $84.99 per month. Contact DirecTV customer service or call 1-855-820-1220 for more information on DirecTV's ULTIMATE and PREMIER apps and their availability in your area.

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