The ending of Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 explained (2023)

Weird stuffSeason 4 Banda 2 spoilers to follow.

It feels like we've been walking up that hill forever, but finally, after a whopping nine episodes, not to mention the three-year wait, Season 4 ofWeird stuffit's finished.

And Lawd, those kids were busy.

If you're looking for a recap of what happened in Volume 1, along with the previous three seasons, we've got you covered.this useful split of the timeline here.

But what happened involume must? How is this configuredthe last seasonvonWeird stuff? And most important of allwho smelledAt the end of season four? Grab some Eggos - and some tissues - as we take a look at how volume two changed the game for Hawkins.

Weird stuffSeason 4 Volume 2 Finale Explanation - Who Died?

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In a bold - and rare - move for Stranger Things, the final episode of season four, opened with the promise of a sexy moment between Joyce and Hopper. But that was sadly interrupted by a phone call that revealed things aren't looking too good for Hawkins at the moment.

It's a pretty pointless reveal considering we've been hounding the kids the whole time, so all it really does is highlight just how pointless Russian history in general has been. And because of that, there will be very few references to Hopper's arc from now on. I'm sorry, Daddy Harbs.

Anyway, the gang is ready to carry out their plan, but Eleven is afraid that they will all die without her help. Fortunately, a random billboard reminds her that she can project her mind across the country and protect Max from it.Vecna, remotely penetrating directly into their brains.

Leave some adorable pineapple pizza shenanigans and heartfelt exchanges between Steve/Nancy (Stancy) and Will/Jonathan (Wollathon). Yes, of course Nancy plays an important role in Steve's dreams for the future, and of courseJonathan knows that Will is gay, and yes, it really makes us fear for their lives in the upcoming battle.

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Meanwhile, Max tries to lure Veccie's spirit outside for a brain feast while the others sneak up on her real body to try and kill him in the real world. Also, in a touching monologue by Sadie Sink, Max talks about Billy's death and how she really wanted him.

Cheers from all our couches together and a nod from Emmy voters watching from home. Because, let's be honest: Sadie really is the best thing about this series.

Lucas freaks out over Max's big moment - except, of course, he really isn't. This is Number One, taking the form of the boy in Max's mind. Or Doña Vecna, if you're angry.

At this point, Eddie decides to play a rock concert to distract the Demobats long enough for his plan to work, because god knows how much bats hate high school amateur metal. However, things change when thisRiverdaleJocks show up to hunt down Erica and confront Lucas in the attic.

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By the wayRiverdale, otherwise known as the best show on the CW, Max retreats into happy high school memories like prom to escape the darkness of Vecna. But then the balloons start spraying blood all over the beautiful decor, and there's nothing Eleven can do but watch everything unfold from afar.

It doesn't look good for everyone else either. Lucas looks down the barrel of a gun pointed at his face as Robin's group is suffocated by some tentacles. Eddie's rock show also fails, falling further than Will's Bowl Cut, so he pedals off to try and lure the demobats away from Dustin.

Oh, and there's some stuff from Russia too.

After messing around with Max for a bit, Vecna ​​decides to go ahead and do her limb-crushing trick, but Eleven finds the strength to push him back just in time. Cue Millie Bobby Brown's best line in the entire franchise: "I hitched a ride on a pizza dough freezer."

Attention Emmy voters. Again.

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But there's no time to celebrate, as Vecna ​​quickly gains the upper hand by throwing Eleven into her sparsely decorated realm. "Before I kill you, I want you to watch it," says Henry for being so mean. But El has a trick up his sleeve.

"Daddy is dead," Eleven screams. "I know what he did to you. You were different from me and he hurt you. He made you do this. He's the monster, Henry, not you. Not you.

beautiful, right? But Vecna's humanity melted away long before her skin did. "He didn't make me do it," says the man formerly known as Henry. "You did."

And with that, Vecna ​​explains how Eleven turning him upside down worked really well for him.

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“I became an explorer, an explorer of a realm untouched by mankind. I saw so many things. Then, one day, I found the most extraordinary one of all. Something that would change everything. I saw a way to fulfill my potential, to transcend my human form, to be the predator I was always born to be."

Yep, Vecna ​​was actually behind every previous monster attack on Hawkins, and if it's to be believed, it's all Eleven's fault. Which it is, but only if you have Dr. Ignore Brennan's relentless abuse and manipulation. We wouldn't wish death on anyone, even after everything he's done, but he kind of let it happen, didn't he?

"It's past eleven. Your friends lost," adds Veccie. And this is where it really feels. Lucas is just a walking bruise at this point, Eddie is essentially a living buffet for the Demobats, and Nancy/Steve/Robin are still being smothered until the death.

And yes, there is more stuff from Russia.

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Vecna ​​levitates with Max, flexing her limbs like a pretzel, but thanks to Will's encouragement from Mike encouraging Eleven, our little superhero manages to break free and pull Henry away. Let's all thank Will for that, because as we all should know by now, gay people just know how to do things.

“You and your friends think you've won, but this is just the beginning,” warns Vecna. "The beginning of the end. You already lost."

Well, that's pretty cheeky considering the gang is about to tear him apart.Kate Bush walking up that sweet, sweet hill. With that, Eleven maintains Vecna's sanity while Steve and Robin throw Molotov cocktails at her physical form. But Henry isn't ready for the count, so our one and only queen, Nancy, steps in with a shotgun and chases him out the window.

Has anyone else thought of this?Titanicwhen did Vecna ​​hit the wall of the house on the way down?

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But it's not over yet. In a classic homage to the originalHalloween, the children then look across the lawn and see that Mrs. Vecna ​​has disappeared.

Meanwhile, Dustin catches up with Eddie in his final moments. Yes, the Demobats may not be done with Steve, but Eddie is gone. "I didn't run away this time," he tells Dustin. “I think it's finally my year… I love you man.” And Eddie puts an end to it.

Hey, could you take a look at this? It looks like we put some ash upside down in our eyes.

But wait. there's more Because things don't look good for Max either. When Lucas screams for a doctor, our darling goes blind.

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"I can't see anything," shouts Max. "I'm so scared. I'm so scared. I don't want to die. I'm not ready."

And we are not ready either. But the clock strikes four times, signaling Max's death. Though Vecna ​​is hidden somewhere, his plan has yet to come to fruition, as this last death breaks the final rift between these two worlds. Tentacles then break through the barrier, ripping that pesky jock right between his fourth and fifth belly.

The rift continues to spread across the city, ripping Hawkins to its foundations with devastating effect. But Eleven's focus is now on Max. "You won't go away," she says, and then memories come flooding back to her. Fades Black...

Two days later, the pizza gang finally made it back to Hawkins. The news reports that the death toll currently stands at 22, but hundreds are in hospital and many more are still missing after an earthquake that measured 7.4 on the Richter scale. But this was not an earthquake.

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Touching reunions begin, though Nancy isn't exactly happy to see her boyfriend Jonathan because she still has him.the lure of Shirtless Steve™. Everyone then goes to the local hospital where, surprisingly, Max is still alive.

"She died," explains Lucas. "I mean clinically. But then it came back. Doctors don't know how. They say it's a miracle." But we certainly know how, so it looks like Eleven is now strong enough to bring people back to life... although the coma Max is still in can't exactly be described as "alive".

Robin, Steve and Nancy later began donating to those in need after the disaster. And that's where Robin meets Vickie, her crush, who just so happens to be no longer with her boyfriend...

But even all the sapphic energy can't lift their spirits for long, because then Dustin runs into Eddie's uncle, who is putting up signs to find the little rocker.

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"I was with him when the earthquake happened," reveals Dustin. And with that he hands over Eddie's necklace. "I wish they had known him, really known him, because they would have loved him."

Cue all the tears, bothEof us. Especially when Dustin points out that Eddie fought and died protecting a city that hates him. "He's not just innocent, Mr. Munson. He's a hero."

As if that wasn't painful enough, the ending continues to smother us emotionally with Nancy's impending separation, followed by Will's warning about Vecna. Yep, Eleven's old roommate is still out there somewhere in Hawkins.

"I can feel him and he's hurt," says Will. "He hurts, but he's still alive. It's weird now knowing who he was all along, but I still remember how he thinks and will never stop, not until he takes everything and everyone. We have to kill him.

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Courtesy of Netflix

Thankfully, some more help is on the way to do just that, because look who just showed up in a fancy black government car? Hopper and Joyce are finally back and ending this terribly boring Russian conspiracy. However, Eleven's door was always open — three inches wide, to be precise — and she recalls Hopper as they cry in each other's arms while sporting the exact same "bitch" haircut.

Weird stuffbut it doesn't let up in Season 4 either - so it's clear something bad has to happen before the credits finally roll.

Suddenly, clouds gather in the sky as Will feels that itch in his neck again that no antibiotic could cure. Because Vecna ​​is back, baby. Well, at least its effect is like that, because the ash from the Upside Down has started to fall on the town of Hawkins.

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To investigate, the gang sets out to find that this other realm is now physically encroaching on their own and the wildlife is left to rot as everything gradually transforms with this upside-down chic.

Now that Vecna's plan is in full swing, Hawkins - and the entire world - will be consumed by this other dimension. That is, unless Eleven and her brave band of misfits can step up and defeat Henry once and for all.Fifth season. May we suggest you feed him pineapple pizza? That would be enough to piss anyone off.

Weird stuffnow streaming on Netflix.

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