South Africa Vs Ireland Live (2023)

1. South Africa - Ireland Live - World Cup: Rugby Scores & Highlights

  • South Africa 8-13 Ireland: Mack Hansen try helps secure thrilling win over Springboks at Rugby World Cup · Highlights · Statistics · Lineups · Table · Latest news.

  • Eurosport is your source for the latest World Cup match updates. Get the full recap of South Africa - Ireland, complete with stats and highlights.

2. Rugby World Cup 2023 LIVE: South Africa vs Ireland result and final ...

  • 6 days ago · Full-time: South Africa 8-13 Ireland. Ireland have beaten South Africa 13-8 in their World Cup Pool B match in Paris to lay down a marker for ...

  • World No 1 side Ireland beat defending world champions South Africa in Paris in perhaps the biggest game of the pool stage

3. Free South Africa Vs. Ireland Live Stream: Where to Watch Rugby ...

4. South Africa vs Ireland LIVE! World Cup 2023 result, match stream and ...

  • 6 days ago · S. outh Africa vs Ireland - LIVE! Ireland made a major statement in their bid for a first Rugby World Cup success as they beat South Africa 13-8 ...

  • South Africa vs Ireland - LIVE!

5. How to watch South Africa vs Ireland: live stream the Rugby World Cup ...

  • 6 days ago · The game will be broadcast on the free-to-air channel RTE 2 and you can access a live stream via the RTE Player if you live within the ...

  • The defending champions face the world number ones. It's big

6. South Africa v Ireland LIVE: Rugby World Cup 2023 result and final ...

  • 6 days ago · World No 1 side Ireland beat defending world champions South Africa in Paris in perhaps the biggest game of the pool stage.

  • World No 1 side Ireland beat defending world champions South Africa in Paris in perhaps the biggest game of the pool stage

7. Ireland v South Africa LIVE stream: How to watch the Rugby World Cup ...

  • 7 days ago · The match is being shown on RTE 2 and will be streamed live on the RTE Player in the Republic of Ireland, while those in the UK can watch the ...

  • Ireland and South Africa collide in a massive clash in Paris

8. South Africa 8-13 Ireland: Rugby World Cup 2023 – as it happened

  • 6 days ago · Live feed. From 6d ago. 17.25 EDT. Robert Kitson's match report. Phew! Here's the full match report. Sexton steers Ireland to victory as South ...

  • Teams manage a try apiece but match tilts Ireland’s way thanks to the boots of Johnny Sexton and Jack Crowley

9. South Africa 8 - 13 Ireland - Match Report & Highlights - Sky Sports

  • 6 days ago · World Cup match South Africa vs Ireland (23 Sep 2023). Preview and stats followed by live commentary, video highlights and match report.

  • Ireland showed great heart and stamina to overcome a woeful lineout performance and defeat South Africa 13-8 in a mammoth Rugby World Cup Pool B clash. 

10. HIGHLIGHTS | South Africa v Ireland - Rugby World Cup

  • Posted: 6 days ago

  • The official site of Rugby World Cup 2023, with ticketing, venue and event information, news and videos.

11. Relive how Ireland edged South Africa in thriller - BBC

  • 6 days ago · Listen to live BBC radio commentary using audio icon at top of page (UK only); Mack Hansen crosses for Ireland in the 33rd minute; Cheslin ...

  • Live audio commentary and text updates coverage as Pool B leaders Ireland beat defending champions South Africa at the Stade de France.

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