Let us explain *that* confusing and explosive ending to Stranger Things Season 4, Part 1 (2023)

We're still scratching our heads.

May 30, 2022 1:36 am M

Warning: major spoilers ahead forStrange thingsSeason 4 Part I. Continue at your own risk.

Three years have passed since thenStrange thingsThe third season hit our screens. When the final season of the Supernatural series premiered, you can bet we cleared our calendars.

published in two partsStranger Things Staffel 4, Volume I contained seven adrenaline-pumping, jam-packed episodes that really were so terrifying, we still have nightmares.

But unfortunately, by the end of the seventh episode, we were left with endless questionsTheTwist in the last moments of the first part.

From the Hawkins crew who sailed from the Upside Down to Elevenreal fightWith the spooky and spooky Vecna, each character ends the first chapter in a whole heap of trouble. There are also many endless questions that won't be properly answered for another month, when Part II launches on July 1st.

so whatAs a matter of factit happened in the endStrange thingsfourth season, volume I? Keep scrolling because we've answered all the big questions arising from the feature film's finale.

Who is Vecna?

In the first episode, viewers are almost immediately introduced to Vecna, a skeletal villain with large claws, a creepy voice, and tendrils growing from his body. During the first episode, Vecna ​​sets his sights on his first victim, cute cheerleader Chrissy.

After taunting her with the incessant chiming of a grandfather clock and appearing in front of her with hallucinations, she is eventually killed by Vecna ​​in an incredibly gruesome manner. First he went into a trance with his eyes rolling back, then he began to levitate before his eyes were gouged out and his bones fractured. Look, we told you it's scary. Along with Chrissy, Vecna ​​killed student newspaper editor Fred and basketball player Patrick throughout the season.

Essentially, Vecna ​​would take advantage of Hawkins High students with past trauma, torture them with visions of that trauma, and kill them within 24 hours. Throughout the season, Max, Dustin, Lucas andSteveHe learns that one way to pull victims out of Vecna's trance is to play that person's favorite songs, which come in handy when they play Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" to turn Max inside out again bring.

But in the end we learn that Vecna ​​is not a mythical creature that came out of nowhere. In fact, Vecna's murder spree began in the '50s when he cursed Victor Creel's house, killed his family, and blinded Creel. And each time he takes a life on Earth, the exact location of death creates a gateway to the Upside Down for the Mind Flayer to take over the world.

What really happened to Eleven in the Hawkins lab?

While living in California, Dr. Owens Eleven about being able to take on Vecna.jRediscover your lost powers. However, when she arrives at her underground bunker, Dr. Brenner (aka "Dad") created an experiment using NINA's sensory deprivation tank so that Eleven could remember what led to the massacre that took place in episode one.

As she eases her past trauma in the lab, she recalls being bullied there by older children and how she became close with a lab assistant, who explains her past close relationship with "One", the first child in the lab. According to Owens, One never existed, but the caretaker explained that he was lied to because those in charge were afraid of his strength.

In episode seven, Eleven tries to escape with the help of the orderly, who directs her into a tunnel. Eleven explains that he is unable to walk with her due to a tracker on her neck and takes it from her before realizing that it is not a tracker but rather something preventing her from expressing her true self as One To reveal. emerges and finds all of the people in the lab murdered by One as revenge for the torture he went through in treatment and proves the memory of the massacre was not of his hands.

What happened between Vecna ​​and Eleven?

But the plot twists are far from over. We discover not only that the caregiver was in fact oneself, but that he isAlsoVictor Creel's son Henry. Born with powers, Henry was ostracized as a child and began practicing his powers by reaching into the minds of spiders after his family brought them to Hawkins.

After a short time, Henry went after his parents and eventually killed his mother and sister in the same way he killed the others. As for his father, he thought he killed him too, but Victor survived.

Henry overestimated his powers, fell into a deep coma and awoke to find Dr. Brenner's first test subject. Over time, Henry's powers were reviewed for his murderous skills and he became an orderly.

When he reveals his true identity to Eleven, he wants to hook up with her, but she refuses. Instead, the two fight and Eleven is able to turn One upside down through a door. When he crashes into the other dimension, his appearance changes and it is revealed that he became Vecna, which can be clearly seen as the camera pans to the '001' tattoo on Vecna's wrist.

What happened to Jonathan, Will, Mike and Argylle?

During the season, Eleven is arrested for attacking her jerk, but is later taken to the bunker by Owens. While Mike, Will and Jonathan try to find her, they stay with some of Owen's agents to protect her. But once their house is raided, Jonathan's best friend Argylle chases the group away, where they deal with a dying agent who tells them to call "Nina" to find Eleven and leaves them a number.

The group discovers the number leads to a computer, but they need the help of Dustin's friend Suzy in Salt Lake City to track it down. Once we find out the location is in Nevada we don't see the group again and have to assume they are on their way to rescue Eleven.

Will Hopper return to Hawkins?

As we know from the numerous sneak peeks, Hopper is very much alive. In fact, he was sent to a Russian prison, where he performed physical labor and was often physically assaulted by guards. To be free, he arranged for a prison guard to hold Joyce and Murray for ransom so that he could smuggle it to them once the ransom was paid.

However, the smuggler kept the money. Luckily, Joyce and Murray overpowered the smuggler, survived a plane crash, and broke into the prison just in time to rescue Hopper. In the seventh episode, Hopper and the rest of the inmates were supposed to be fed a Demogorgon until Joyce managed to take over the control room and open an escape door, saving Hopper and the Russian guard. Then finally, Hopper and Joyce are reunited with a tearful hug. as forifThey're planning to return to Hawkins, we'll have to wait and see.

What happened to Nancy, Steve, Robin and Eddy?

In episode six, while trying to figure out a way to stop Vecna, Nancy, Robin, Eddie and Steve discover one of the many doors under Lover's Lake. Steve is quickly pulled into the upside down with Nancy, Robin and Eddie jumping after him.

Quickly realizing they are upside down, the four head to this version of Nancy's house, where they communicate with Dustin, Max, Lucas, and Erica using Will's light manipulation trick from season one.

The group finds another door and tries to return to their proper dimension. But as soon as Robin and Eddie walk through the door, Vecna ​​captures Nancy and shows her visions of Barb, who died while she was dating Steve in season one. And as the episode's credits roll, she and Steve are still stuck in the Upside Down while Nancy faces her guilt in Barb's death. What does that mean for your future? Well, we'll probably find out in Volume II.

In the meantime, we're counting down the days until July 1st.

You can watch Stranger Things, Volume I season 4 on Netflix by signing in or registeringHere.

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