How to track a money order (2023)

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A money order is a guaranteed form of payment unless lost or stolen. If you've misplaced a money order you received or purchased, your money isn't necessarily gone. But you will have to do some work to track it.

Read on to learn what steps you can take to track down a lost or stolen money order.

How does a payment order work?

like checksmoney ordersThese are paper forms of payment, but unlike a check, your payment is guaranteed. When you purchase a money order, you purchase it with cash or another secure form of payment (such as a debit card). You cannot purchase money orders with a personal check or credit card.

When purchasing a money order, you must provide the name of the payee (recipient) and the name of the issuing financial institution must be on the order.

You can purchase a money order from select vendors such as the United States Postal Service (USPS), Western Union, select retail banks, select retailers, and check cashing and payroll loan stores. Since you prepay for the money order, there is no chance that it will be returned when cashed.

Sellers usually charge a fee for money orders. The USPS, for example, charges $1.45 per money order up to $500 or $1.95 per order between $500 and $1,000.

And depending on the provider, there may be limits on how much you can send. The USPS, for example, limits money orders to $1,000 per order.

How does tracking money orders work?

When you purchase a money order, you receive an order receipt. The receipt contains all the information needed to trace your money order and proves the amount in case of loss, theft or damage.

How to track a money order

if you missed onegiro postalor you think it was stolen, you need to track it down first. You can track a money order by going to the money order issuer. The steps involved in tracking a lost money order vary. See how to track a money order through three popular money order issuers.


The United States Postal Service has been in the money order business for some time, offering both domestic and international money orders. Domestic money orders are limited to $1,000 per individual order. International money orders have a maximum of $1,500 per individual order

You can see if a money order has been discounted by checking thesite da USPS. The money order receipt contains the information needed to track it. To view the status of your money order, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Serial number
  • post office number
  • amount of dollars

If you would like a copy of a cash money order, you will need to complete and submit PS 6401, Official Money Order Inquiry. It may take the USPS up to 60 days to investigate the status of a lost or stolen money order.

You cannot stop paying a USPS money order, but you can replace it if they determine it was lost or stolen. If this is the case, they will issue a replacement money order. The USPS charges a processing fee of $6.25 to replace a lost or stolen domestic money order and $9 for international money orders.

Western Union

You can track a lost or stolen Western Union money order in two ways:

  1. If you have the receipt, use the request form on the back to begin the process of tracking or replacing your payment request. Mail the completed form and the $15 processing fee to the address listed.
  2. If you don't have the receipt, you will need to complete and sendWestern Union Money Order Investigation Request Form. There is a $30 processing fee and Western Union can take up to eight weeks to process requests. You can submit the form in one of three ways:
  • Fax: 1-720-864-0477
  • E-mail:
  • Correo: Western Union Financial Services, Inc., PO Box 7030 Englewood, CO 80155-7030

If the money order has already been drawn, Western Union will send you a photocopy of the drawn money order. You'll get a refund if they check the money order and find it hasn't been cashed.


MoneyGram money orders are available at thousands of US retail stores. You can purchase a money order through the website or mobile app and track a money order by completing theonline formor by calling 1-800-542-3590. You will need to provide the money order amount and serial number. This is also how you request a replacement money order through MoneyGram.

Online claims are the cheapest and fastest way to receive a replacement money order. There is an $18 processing fee and it typically takes seven business days or more to process.

If the money order was cashed, you can receive a photocopy of the cashed money order by visiting a participating MoneyGram retail location. Complete a MoneyGram Express payment form and pay the $18 processing fee.

If your money order was purchased from another issuer, there may be a different process for tracking and replacing money orders. Check with your specific money order issuer for details on how to proceed.

Can a missing payment order be cancelled?

The USPS does not allow you to stop paying money orders, only to replace them if they are lost or stolen. You can cancel a money order through Western Union as long as it has not been cashed. To do this, visit the same place where you bought it. Or, you can digitally cancel a Western Union money order if the purchase was made online or via the mobile app.

What happens if the payment order has been discounted?

As mentioned above, most issuers can provide you with a photocopy of a money order if it has already been cashed. This won't help you get your money back, but it can be helpful if you file a fraud claim. The money order issuer can refund your money if it proves that you have been a victim of fraud. MoneyGram only allows you to replace a lost or stolen money order, not cancel it.

How to protect yourself from payment order fraud

Money orders are often used as part ofbank scams. There are steps you can take to protect your money if you've purchased or received a money order.

  1. Fill in the payment orderas soon as possible. Write the payee's name and other information on the money order immediately after purchase.
  2. If you receive a money order, deposit or cash it immediately. The less time he spends with you, the less likely he is to stray.
  3. Always keep your receipt. Save it until you know the payee has received the payment.
  4. Avoid leaving money orders in a mailbox. Hand-deliver it to the recipient or hand-deliver it to your local post office.

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To know more

In short

Payments by money order are safer than cash, but there is always a chance that the money order will be lost or stolen. You may pay more fees with money orders than with other payment types, such as paper checks. Do everything possible to protect your money order and save yourself the headache of locating one. Note that there areways to send moneyfor people digitally, what can be better than using a money order.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you receive a money order refund?

You can request a refund where the money order was purchased, or submit a request online through the provider's website.

How much does a money order cost?

You can usually send a money order for a small fee, depending on the amount you send. USPS charges up to $1.95 per order. Western Union and MoneyGram fees vary based on amount, location and current exchange rates.

Can you buy a credit card money order?

Western Union and MoneyGram allow credit card payments for money orders, but the USPS does not.

Can you make a mobile deposit from a money order?

Check with your bank or credit union to see if their mobile app allows you to deposit money orders through the mobile check deposit feature.

How do you write a money order?

To issue a money order, complete the money order form provided. You'll need the recipient's name, your name and address, and a qualifying payment method. You will also sign off as a buyer before the money order is processed.

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